Laser Machine Quotation


It is our pleasure to have you as a customer for our fiber laser cutting machine. With respect, back to our negotiations, the quotation is as below.

Item Price Remarks
LT-F۳۰۱۵  Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Laser Machine Quotation

Payment terms۳۰% down payment, ۵۰% shipping, ۲۰% delivery at Isfahan port.

Delivery terms: Ready to shipping: ۱۰ working days, shipping ۴۵ days, delivery at port: ۱۰ working days.


  1. ۱۵۰۰*۳۰۰۰mm working area
  2. High quality laser module: ۲۰۰۰W RAYCUS
  3. Untouched following system, more safety
  4. Fuji servo motor and driver for X,Y,Z axis
  5. Best ball screw and linear guide rail from Taiwan
  6. Lubricant system, Industrial chiller included
  7. Cypcut control system
Laser Cut Samples
Detailed Parameters
Laser power ۲۰۰۰W
Laser type Fiber Laser
Wavelength ۱۰۶۴nm
Output power ۲۰۰۰w
Working voltage AC۳۸۰V±۱۰%  ۵۰/۶۰HZ
Max working area ۱۵۰۰*۳۰۰۰mm
Locating precision ±۰.۰۳mm
Maximum speed ۶۰m/min
Max cutting thickness ۰-۱۰mm carbon steel/۰-۵mm stainless steel
Controller CypCut
Working temperature ۰-۴۰ centigrade
Motion system Best TBI ball screw and PMI linear guide rails from Taiwan
Working way Imported Fuji servo motor
Operating system Windows۲۰۰۰/XP/Vista/Window ۷/۸/۱۰, ۳۲ and ۶۴ bit
Cooling way Water cooling with industrial cooler
Graphic format supported


the files which CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD can identify
machine size/weight ۴۲۰۰*۲۲۰۰*۱۶۰۰/۲۵۰۰kgs
Delivery time ۶۵ days
Warranty ۱ year for the machine, whole lifetime after-sale service
Machine Details
Machine Photo
Fuji Servo Motor Cypcut Control Software Dust Extractor(optional)
Fuji Servo Motor Cypcut Control Software Dust Extractor(optional)
Auto Following System on Laser Head Motion System Professional Industrial Cooling System(optional)
Auto Following System on Laser Head Motion System Professional Industrial Cooling System(optional)
Standard Parts for the Machine
Main body ۱ set Smoke Pipe Optional
Dust Extractor Optional Water Cooling System ۱ Set
User Manual ۱ Set Cables ۱ Set
USB stick ۱ Pcs Toolkit ۱ Set

Fiber laser cutting for metal LT-F۳۰۱۵ is the best cutting tool for thin sheet metal cutting, especially for stainless steel cutting. It has the feature of compact layout, stable optical link, convenient operation and reliable performance.

۱.         Product features:

  1. Light path system and control system is stable and reliable
  2. High performance, imported original fiber laser, stable performance and service lift up to ۱۰۰,۰۰۰ hours
  3. High quality, high efficiency of cutting, the cutting speed can be up to ۲۵m/min, the cutting surface is smooth and Beautiful
  4. With Italian motovario precision gear reducer, gear, rack, Taiwan guide screw, ensure that the X.Y axis rotation steady and reliable

۲.         Applicable industry:

Widely used in advertising decoration, kitchen utensil, engineering machinery, steel, sheet metal chassis, automobile, air-conditioning manufacturing, sheet metal cutting processing and so on

۳.         Applicable material:

Mainly aimed at cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, fast cutting of various kinds of metal material

Photos of Machine Details

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