Laser Welding Quotation


Laser Welding Quotation It is our pleasure to have you as a customer for our fiber laser cutting machine. With respect, back to our negotiations, the quotation is as below.

Item Price  Remarks
LT-W۱۵۰۰ handheld laser welder Machine Below table

Payment terms۳۰% down payment, ۵۰% shipping, ۲۰% delivery at Isfahan port.

Delivery terms: Ready to shipping: ۱۰ working days, shipping ۴۵ days, delivery at port: ۱۰ working days.

Detailed Parameters
ReCiLASER power ۱۵۰۰ w Detailed Parameters
Laser wavelength ۱۰۸۰ nm
Laser frequency ۵۰-۵۰۰۰ Hz
Power regulation ۱۰-۱۰۰ %
Power instability ﹤۳
Welding depth(stainless steel) ۲.۵ mm
Welding depth(carbon steel) ۱.۵ mm
Welding depth(aluminum) ۱.۰ mm
Welding head Optional
Power Requirements ۳۸۰v/۵۰ Hz
Cooling Method water cooling
The whole machine’s power


≤۲ KW
Warranty ۱ year for the machine, whole lifetime after-sale service




6Laser Welding Quotation

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