Optical cylindrical lens


Optical cylindrical lens (mainly include: plano-convex cylindrical lens, plano-concave cylindrical lens, double-convex cylindrical lens, double-concave cylindrical lens, meniscus cylindrical lens, cylindrical cross-cylinder lens, special-shaped cylindrical lens Mirror, cylindrical lens, rod lens, ultraviolet fused silica JGS۱ (round) cylindrical lens)

Optical cylindrical lens- هامین

Optical cylindrical lens

 :  Cylindrical lens Description

Cylindrical lens are designed for applications that require one-dimensional shaping of the light source. They have flat-concave and flat-convex structures, both of which are used to diverge or converge the beam. It is generally used to focus incident light on a line or to change the aspect ratio of the image. Cylindrical mirrors have a cylindrical surface that enables incident light to be focused in a certain dimension and stretch the image. The focal length of the cylindrical lens can be negative or positive, which is suitable for laser line generation or deformed beam shaping to circulate the laser output. A variety of cylindrical mirrors can be provided, including colorless optical glass, laser crystal, fused silica, anti-radiation glass, ultraviolet and infrared materials, metal materials, such as SiO۲, CaF۲, BaF۲, ZnSe, ZnS, etc. All materials can be selected without coating or with antireflection coating. Cylindrical lenses, non-cylindrical lenses, and cylindrical achromatic cemented lenses are also available.

: Application

Cylindrical lenses are widely used in high-precision testers and devices, synchrotron radiation beam lines, bar code scanners and strong laser systems, electronic optical metrology verification, laser scanners, spectroscopy, laser diode output light shaping beauty, light sheet lighting fixtures It is widely used in manufacturing industries such as microscope imaging.

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